Record or Capture your Screen/ Browser Tab


Screen Recorder or Capture sreen is an online tool to record or capture your computer screen/browser tab for FREE of cost.

Follow the steps to do the same

1. Click on Record Screen button from below
2. Select the appropriate screen from the pop up window and choose allow/share button
3. if you want to record the voice along the screen recorder, Click Ok on "Record audio with screen?" option came
4. Allow microphone when a pop up asked you(if you want audio also to be recorded)
5. Click on Stop button when you finish the recording.
6. Enter filename for your just finished recorded video file and press ok
7. Download your video using Download button.(All your videos will download in the format "webm")
8. Watch the youtube video explaining this process here

Please note: 1.Dont refresh this page during screen records as it will delete the recording file
2. This feature will only work on desktop or PC (not for mobile phones)
3. Please refresh or close this tab after downloading your recorded file
Choose the button to start record

* All screen records will be downloaded in webm format only.
You can Convert your downloaded webm format to any video format like mp4,flv etc using this link
screen recorder online

No Software Needed

This Online Service doesn't need any software.
Only Internet is needed to use it
screen capture online

Unlimited Screen recorder

There is no limit on the number of records you do.
Capture screen online

Easy Recorder

Records the screen in easy way
website recorder

No Hidden Cost! Always FREE

We are proving this service for FREE. No Hidden charges and will always be Free of Cost!
window recorder

Privacy Protection

We are not saving or uploading your screen records file in our server.