Cut and Merge or Join your mp3 audio files


Mp3 Merger or audio joiner is an online FREE tool to join all your Audio files into a single mp3 file for FREE of cost.

Follow the steps to merge

1. Click on 'Drag your files here or click in this area' below
2. Upload an audio file from your desktop or mobile
3. Wait until it uploads
4. Again repeat step 1,2 & 3 and continue until you wish
5. Enter start and end time if you want to merge only some parts of the audio file. If not, leave as it is
6. Edit filename(optional) and Click Merge Now
7. Download your merged file by clicking on 'Download Now!'
8. Watch the youtube video explaining this process here

Please note: All uploaded media files will automatically converted into mp3 and merged output file will also be in mp3 format!
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No Software Needed

This Online Service doesn't need any software.
Only Internet is needed to use it
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Unlimited Mp3 Files

There is no limit on the number of mp3 files you can join or merge.
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Easy Merging

Upload any number of mp3 files and download the merged mp3 in a single click.
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No Hidden Cost! Always FREE

We are proving this service for FREE. No Hidden charges and will always be Free of Cost!
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Privacy Protection

All uploaded mp3 files will automatically get deleted within a few hours from our server.